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Thank you for purchasing "The Self-Development Made Simple" E-book Bundle!  This course, valued at $3,759, reveals the strategies you can use to attract the life and love you've been dreaming about!  

To access the e-books & videos bundle, click the links (e-book cover images and titles) below:

E-books Bundle
value:  $1,582

Comfort Magnets
description: Discover the real secret to manifesting whatever you want!
pages: 51

audio/video e-book
value: $397

Attract Don't Chase
description:  Discover how to attract the life & love of your dreams
pages:  71
value:  $197

Fix Your Life (in 5 minutes or less)
description:  Fix your life in 5 minutes or less - simple strategies, powerful results.
pages: 402
value: $397

The 3 Secrets of Happiness
description: Uncover the simple formula to finding happiness that lasts.
pages: 64

audio/video e-book
value: $297

The One Thing (You Can Do To Change your Life)
description:  Discover the one thing you can do that will change your life.
pages: 30

audio/video e-book
value: $197

The Powerful Technique (You Can Use to Change your Life)
description: Discover the one thing you can do that will change your life.
pages: 19

audio/video e-book
value: $97

Videos Bundle 
value:  $1,997

Self-Development Made Simple - Video Bundle
description: Videos to help you attract the life and love you deserve

value: $1,997

link:  Click here to see the videos

How to get the most out of this course

If you want to get the most out of this course, if you want to accelerate techniques for attracting the life and love of your dreams into your life, here are a few suggestions.

1.  Purchase some good pens and notebooks.

2.  When reading or perusing the e-books and when watching the videos, take handwritten notes into the notebooks.

3.  Keep two notebooks open.  Use one notebook for notes.  Use the other notebook for an "action plan", for techniques that you intend to try and then see what happens as a result.

4.  Be grateful.  Be thankful.

5.  Take one day off a week to enjoy yourself doing something that you like.

6.  Everyday, go for a walk for at least a half-hour and, while walking, listen to something positive and inspirational.  Purchase "inner-ear" earbuds as this will help prevent outside noise.

7.  Value yourself.  If you do not treat yourself with value, others are likely to treat you with less value.  This can become a path that takes you to a place where you're not being valued.  

One way for you to value yourself is to become skilled at something. Find something you like doing and get good at it.  This will help you become more confident.

8.  Hang around people, places, situations that are inspiring to you.  Hang around people that you aspire to be like.  Get the "meetups" app.  Get the EventBrite app.  Both of these apps are available on the Google Play store and on iTunes).  Use these apps to search here for events that interest you.  Set up a profile.  Search for events that interest you.  Attend the events.  Meet people.  Find events where you can find people who can help you grow into the person you want to be.

9.  Peruse and read "Fix your LIfe (in 5 minutes or less).  There's a lot of useful strategies in that e-book that you can use to help you get the life and love you've been dreaming about.

Thank you for purchasing this course
Thank you for purchasing this course.  When you bought this course, you made a commitment to spend the $37 dollars.  

Now, it is up to you to make the commitment to peruse and read these e-books, to watch the videos, to take notes and take action, by putting these strategies into motion. 

There's a world of possibilities and people and places and situations waiting for you, excited to meet you, and eager to help you become the best version of yourself so that you can attract the life and love you've been dreaming about.

Read the e-books.

Watch the videos.

Take notes.

Put these strategies into an action plan.

Treat this as a giant experiment.  No failure.  Only feedback.

Go forth and set your intentions into motion in order to attract the life and love you've been dreaming about.

You can do it!

Kris Kemp
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Let me know your results with the e-book bundle course.  Email:  bicycledays@yahoo.com   with "results from e-book bundle course" in the subject line.

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